Friday, September 21, 2007


I love that commercial for some insurance company. The one that beings with a business woman stopping the pizza delivery boy from stepping in front of a car at an intersection. Someone sees it, and they in turn are inspired to perform their own good deed, which is seen by someone else, who also goes on to do their own good deed. And so on and so forth. I like it, because the idea so intricately ties together the human race, and perhaps our intrinsic urge to do good.

So often among Christian circles, we hear about man's sin nature. How we are really all born with the awful desire to do terrible things all the time. I'm not saying we don't have that sin nature, because I believe we do, but I never hear anyone talk about our desire to do good. To help others. I think that we are all born with a serving nature, not just a sin nature.

I like the idea that all it takes is one person's good deed to inspire a slough of others. You don't have to believe in God to save someone's life, or help someone carry a heavy bag, or hold the door open for the peson with their arms full. I think that what a lot of people believe in is people and the global community that we live in. And that is good.

Not much for theology, I know, but I think it can hold water. We're not destined to depravity. We were created for service and community.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


In the sermon at church today, our pastor, Matt, brought up God's indelible hand, the one that controls everything, and brings all things to pass as they should. We were looking at Jeremiah 29, where God speaks to the Israelites after they have been taken into exile in Babylon.

v. 4 This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon...

God directed them into that exile--it was no mistake. He didn't turn his back for one brief moment, only to turn around and discover His people had been carried off by pagans. God carried them into exile. Not the Babylonians. He also promised He would carry them out in 70 years, because He knows the plans He has for them. Plans for prosperity and hope. A future.

Matt made the message tangible for us, talking about how God has brought us specifically into San Diego. It was neat for me to hear...I don't know how many other people there today were relatively new to the area, but it was cool to think that God does have a plan, and He is the one who carried me to this place. Not myself, or my job, or even my family. I feel as though I went through my own time of "exile" in the year before I made the move, and I am so ready to look forward into God's good, prosperous plan for my life. I am so grateful for His hope. And so glad that with Him, there will always be a future.