Monday, January 21, 2008


I saw a rainbow today. It was unexpected. And short. A brief burst of color in an otherwise bleary sky. It wasn't even wet. I was headed toward the freeway, and the whole sky was gray and cloudy. All of a sudden, there was this one hill hit with a burst of sunlight. Alongside it the rainbow. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. All that jazz.

I've been reading through the Bible with my women's Bible study this year (our goal is to read the whole thing in the year 2008!), and recently read the strange, folklore-ish account of Noah and the ark. And the rainbow that God gave him as a sign that He would never again destroy the earth on account of man. Never again would water swallow up our existence. Can you imagine being Noah and seeing that first rainbow for the very first time? I like to imagine it bigger, more brilliant, and vibrant, and colorful than any rainbow any of us has ever seen.

What better symbol of God's grace and hope?

Monday, January 14, 2008

wonder. danger. eternity.

Pandora. 1896. John William Waterhouse. Oil on canvas. Private Collection.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


So the other day I was heading toward the freeway on my way to work, along with all the other business-type people. It was a gray, misty morning. Approaching the next intersection, I saw this guy running down the sidewalk. He had a black backpack and black curly hair, the kind found on graduate students, studying literature or physics. Across the intersection was the object of his quest--San Diego's trusty public transportation, a red MTS bus picking people up at the stop. It was apparent he wasn't going to quite make the bus. As it pulled away, the light at the intersection turned red. I stopped. He stopped.

Then he walked out into the road. What is this guy doing? I was thinking to myself, and thanking God that my car automatically locks when I shift out of park. In my rear view, I watched Grad Student approach the shiny "pearlescent" BMW behind me. Mr. Beamer, in his black suit, has his passenger window rolled down, and Grad Student was talking to him through it. Mr. Beamer nodded his head and reached to remove the Very Important Files sitting on the passenger seat, relegating them to the back seat. Grad Student climbed in.

The light turned green, and we all pressed on toward the freeway, to work, to school, to life. At the next light, I checked my rear view mirror again. Mr. Beamer and Grad Student were chatting away. Probably, Grad Student was explaining the fascinating theories in his research program, and Mr. Beamer was trying to persuade him that business is the only way to make it in life. The only way to wear the black suit and drive the shiny, white BMW with the Very Important Files for company.

A couple lights later, I saw the red MTS bus pulled over at a new stop. As I passed the bus, I watched behind me as Mr. Beamer pulled over his shiny, white BMW to drop off Grad Student to catch the bus.

I wanted to thank Mr. Beamer for Grad Student. I felt a smile tug at my lips, and a warm, affable feeling toward humanity in general creep throughout my soul. He's a good guy, Mr. Beamer. Grad student would no longer be late to his fascinating theoretical class.

Who knows? Maybe someday Grad Student will be the next Mr. Beamer, driving a shiny, white BMW, wearing a black suit, carrying some Very Important Files, and he'll stop to give some poor student a break. A shot at punctuality. A ride into the future.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am bending my knee
In the eye of the Father who created me,
In the eye of the Son who died for me,
In the eye of the Spirit who cleansed me,
In love and desire.
Pour down upon us from heaven
The rich blessing of Thy forgiveness;
Thou who art uppermost in the City,
Be Thou patient with us.
Grant to us, Thou Saviour of Glory,
The fear of God, the love of God, and His affection,
And the will of God to do on earth at all times
As angels and saints do in heaven;
Each day and night give us Thy peace.
Each day and night give us Thy peace.


Ta mi lubadh mo ghlun
An suil an Athar a chruthaich mi,
An suil a Mhic a cheannaich mi,
An suil a Spioraid a ghlanaich mi,
Le gradh agus run.
Doirt a nuas oirnn a flathas
Trocair shuairce do mhathas;
Fhir tha 'n uachdar na Cathair,
Dean-sa fathamas ruinn.
Tabhair duinn, a Shlan'ear Aigh,
Eagal De, gaol De, agus gradh,
Is toil De dheanamh air talamh gach re,
Mar ni ainghlich is naoimhich air neamh;
Gach la agus oidhche thoir duinn do sheimh,
Gach la agus oidhche thoir duinn do sheimh.

Collected in the Highlands of Scotland and
Translated by Alexander Carmichael from the Gaelic