Saturday, May 9, 2009

at last

I have been searching for just the right pair of red high heels for quite some time now. At last I have found them! (Thank you, Kohls.) They are just the right color red. Just the right heel height. And the perfect amount of shiny patent. 

I have this theory about red high heels and how every girl should own a pair. Even if they never wear heels. Not all women have realized this yet, but deep down, they know that they need some scarlet footwear. 

They can be worn with jeans for a just a smidgen of pow at the hemline. They can be worn with your little black dress for a more dramatic effect. They are bold and sassy, and I believe they can empower even the most timid female.

So ladies, if you don't already own a pair, consider adding red high heels to your list of "things I need." Believe me, you need them.